Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#1. self introduction

Hello everyone, I’m Tiffany. I’m 19 years old and I come from Taipei. I’m now studying at Taipei University of Business and major in English. I’m always working hard for all my courses and now I’m studying Japanese as my second language. I’m outgoing and lively when I l stay with people. I have had a lot of travel experiences with my families since I was young. These experiences let me know more about different cultures and also broaden my horizon. I believe these characteristics will help me a lot in my future career. In my leisure time, I like to travel and read books. I think reading may be my second teacher because I can learn many new things from reading.


  1. HI I also like to stay with friends and I like to travel as well. Hope we can help each other in the future!

  2. Hello Tiffany, i take time out for touring around and reading books. surprisingly, i called Tiffany with last name Chen followed by.

    Hope i can be friends of yours,Tiffany.

    Your post is stunning by the way

  3. Hi ~~
    I'm Lucy. Nice to meet you.

  4. I'm so glad that we have the same class, and hope we can achieve our goals, love u honey